Can I trust that you are a reputable removal company?
Having been in business for over 40 years our continued presence and supplies of quality relocation services verifies the fact that we are an excellent and reliable moving company. Our sole aim is to focus on your requirements, create a long-term relationship and this is why we enjoy such customer recommendations.

All of our transport licences and insurances are available to you should you choose to see them and we are members of a number of professional bodies such as the FSB.

How much does it cost to move and can you just give me a rough estimate?
The price is as individual as your possessions are, having been moving people for generations we know that every one of our customers has different needs, which is why no two moves are ever the same.

The price will depend on a number of factors, for example the number of bedrooms, garages and sheds, outside furniture, pots plants, the type of property you are moving from and to, stairs and access, how close we can park to the property, distance travelling etc.

These are to name but a few. This is why the most professional approach is to try to conduct a personal survey, yes, it’s a bit old fashioned. But it is the most professional way to conduct business in your best interests.

Can you place each item on delivery where I would like it to be?
Yes of course! We take pride in trying to place each any every item where you request it, we will do everything to make your move hassle free –
TIP – if you kindly write on your removal boxes and bags the destination information (such as bedroom 1, 2 lounge, kitchen etc). This makes identifying our movers to the correct location on arrival, which saves lots of time and multiple questions as to where you want this box to go! If your box happens to be recycled please just write on the fresh tape used!

When should I start planning my move?
That is a question that is difficult to answer as some people know months in advance, some weeks, some days. All we can promise is to be as flexible as possible. We ask that once you have a rough idea of date contact us so we can see what we can accommodate.

Are you able to advise on the easiest way of undertaking a whole property or commercial moving project?
Yes, is the easy answer, we are more than happy to help. With over 40 years’ experience under our belt there aren’t many problems or issues that we have not met and overcome! Please rest assured that we understand the stress involved in moving and therefore go to great lengths to see that we provide the most efficient service that can. This is why we provide a free quotation tailored to your needs. There is no one size fits all in removals!!!

I assume that your removal service is going to be very expensive?
Firstly, it’s very easy to assume that as a leader in the market, with a bespoke and professional service that we are going to be expensive. No! we have succeeded for so many years because as a family business we understand the financial burden a move can make and so we aim to be as competitive as possible.
It’s also easy to forget that a long standing fully maintained specialised fleet, transport licencing, professional insurances, wages to experienced crew, planning and logistics of removals, to name but a few do have costs involved!

Secondly, there may always be an alternative to do the job which can reflect in the price and we can tailor you quote as best as we can to your needs.

How much notice do I have to give?
As with anything, sooner rather than later if possible!!! From experience however, there are often on going, last minute alterations to which we can adhere to the best of our ability. Providing everything is clearly communicated we will offer the smoothest experience we can. In an ideal world we would require a minimum of 5 days’ notice, however we will endeavour to meets your requirements if possible.

How do I arrange for and estimate for a forthcoming removal?
Please just contact us for that arrangement, we try our best to always be available but as a family business we will always get back to you if you have to leave a message.

Do I have to arrange parking permits?
It is technically your responsibility to make sure any permits are granted. Most normal removal companies in the industry would NOT take this responsibility for you. However, we offer help in any way we can and have often assisted in these matters, above and beyond the call of duty. If we do offer help in this matter, then we obviously have to charge the costs associated with it depending on area/council/authority.

Can you dissemble and assemble furniture?
Yes, provided it is not a specialist item, this Is always discussed with you in any case.

Do you un-plumb/plumb the washing machine?
This is not the norm; however, we are happy to assist in this area, and we can’t be held liable for any damages that may occur in this process. It is solely a customer’s responsibility to perform these duties in most respects.

Do you move frozen food?
If you are moving locally then freezer food will be ok for around 4/5 hrs so our teams will have no problem in moving it.

If you are moving long distance or have a large fridge freezer this will take more than 2 hours to settle and therefore we would recommend emptying if possible.

Can you take out windows and doors?
If required for removal and needs must then we will do our best to accommodate your needs, however if it is clear that it goes beyond removal requirements, especially if not pre- discussed then we would either have to charge additional costs required or consult with specialists whose charges would be passed on.